website design

No two companies are alike; no two websites should be either.

Website development requires big picture thinking about business strategy, brand, technology and desired outcomes. Zero Gravity Designs can plan, design, develop, test and launch your custom website to meet your company’s unique needs, and provide your marketing team with the tools and best practices to manage your online presence effectively. Whether you are trying to shorten your sales cycle, need help tweeting about your blog, or simply want to raise your product and service awareness; we can build or leverage the technology you need to support your business objectives.

search engine optimization

One of the most current techniques used by web developers to maximize website traffic is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. When implemented properly, SEO website design makes a site more visible and accessible to search engines, and ultimately, more profitable. Beyond market segmentation, SEO also considers factors like site content, layout and HTML coding to make the site easier to find for the search engines.

Zero Gravity Designs builds websites that are more search engine friendly increasing target traffic to the sites we build and in turn improve the website’s ranking in search engine results. Keeping SEO in mind while building your website is what sets us apart from our competition.

social media

Having trouble figuring out how to capitalize on social media marketing? Through Social Media Strategy, Blog Setup & Management, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Integrated Campaigns, you now can control the conversation about your brand. We will help you reach new markets and expand your business through the power of social media marketing.